Frequently Asked Questions

Shelf life is currently at 6 months, but once the lab results return, which are being done by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, Food Science department in partnership with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, we anticipate a minimum 12 month shelf-life.

Although we can’t share the detailed ingredients list, due to Intellectual Property and the fact that a lot of time and money has been invested in the development.
We can however say that they are all soya based products, which contain the following base ingredients:  Pasta, rice, flavourings, stock powders, herbs, spices, dehydrated veggies, pulses and beans. We do not use mushrooms and nuts – however these are present in our factory.

All the ingredients we source are Halaal as well as vegetarian, keeping in mind we do use stock and soup powders.

Yes, they are available on request and is also printed on package label.

All our Food Socks are prepared in the same manner – they require a pot, water and a source of heat.  Empty the entire contents in a pot, add water as indicated on the packaging and cook until ready.  Some products use beans, these are packaged separately in the Food Sock, and will require boiling first to soften as they take a little longer to prepare.  Some people, if in a hurry, exclude the beans from the pot.

Absolutely anyone!!
The poor, the wealthy, the elderly, students, Government, campers, disabled, the single, the married, … the list goes on!

There definitely will be new flavours, in fact, we are always working on new exciting flavours!  We would love to hear your suggestions – drop us a message in the Contact Us Form. One of them is a traditional sweet product

We use biodegradable plastic sleeves, made for us by Outeniqua Plastics

Sorry, we are unable to provide that for now … but we recommend ordering the half size packs at a minimal cost it you would like a “trial run”.

Not only can you, but we would like to encourage you to do so!  Whether it be a creche, one of your employees, or just a family in need, please consider helping them out – we can either have a reseller arrange delivery, or it could be couriered from our Factory.

It is PERFECT for disaster relief.  They are easily distributed, easily stored for quick access at times of need and easy to prepare with minimal resources at the victims disposal.  Not to mention minimal cost as opposed to traditional food parcels.

Most definitely.  At such a low cost, a family of 4 can have a fantastic meal every day for that week.  What better way to support your congregants in need.

What a wonderful idea!  The Food Sock meals can also be packed in larger packaging, ideal for feeding centers and creches etc.  Not only can your company adopt, but we will provide at wholesale prices and include the company logo on the packaging.

It can be done, but we recommend it rather be prepared on a stove.  The meal takes about 20 minutes to cook and should be stirred during this time to prevent burning and ensure even absorption of the water.

Rounded off weights – FULL SIZE and HALF SIZE
Tomato Bredie:  395g / 250g
Pasta Bolognese: 310g / 185g
Mutton Stew: 390g / 250g
Chicken Pasta: 310g / 240g
Chicken Breyani:  425g / 225g
Chicken and Veggie Soup: 165g  /  90g 
Mac & Cheese:  380g / 265g
Melkkos:  330g / 215g

Here in South Africa we have plenty of great desserts to choose from. But have you ever heard about Melkkos? The word “melkkos” directly translate to Milk food.

To be honest “milk food” really does not sound very appetizing. Melkkos is a sort of lumpy, porridge like, milky dessert. Looking at it, it almost looks like a thick white sauce, just sweetened and spiced up with some cinnamon. Well, that also doesn’t sound to great. Just trust me, try it once. You will truly be amazed with the taste.
There is only one secret here. Serve your melkkos with lots and lots of cinnamon.
This is a great dessert to serve during the cold months. It is truly a pure comfort food. I think it’s just the combination of the milky porridge like pudding and the great taste of cinnamon that makes it so great.
The traditional recipe is made with plenty of milk and some flour. The older traditional method is to add either spaghetti or macaroni noodles – believe me, try it!
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